Spring is on it’s way…

Cottage Birdhouse
In my part of the world the weather is starting to change and the cold air is becoming sweet and fresh and warm. It is a time I start to think of the garden and what I can add to brighten up the world around me. Maybe it is a wonderful birdhouse for my feathered friends or a home accent that is as fresh as air outside.
In my etsy shop I am starting to add birdhouses and garden themed home accents as shown below. These new items are softer and time worn making them great for any country cottage or beach side abode. Freshen up your office with my message board or perch a pretty plant on the plant stool or decorate a corner of the garden all at affordable prices and hand painted hand crafted and unique.
Tumbled Marble Coasters with Strawberries
Cottage Message Board
I would like to invite you to join me in my shop this spring and let me help freshen your nests inside and out. Please click here to see my new shop at Meylah. Or click on images to purchase in my etsy shop.
Cottage Plant Stool
By the way everyone have a wonderful and loving Valentine’s Day and if you are feeling left out because you don’t have someone just remember you always have you. You are pretty special and in all this world there is not one person like you. So today celebrate your uniqueness and love yourself. Enjoy everyone.

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