Opening Shop!

In the past couple of days I have gone from having a vision to making it happen in a matter of 24 hours. I thought the only way to make things improve was to do what I have always done. For me it was the grass is greener someplace else syndrome. These times, a statement I am beginning to dislike, have to make creative artists think outside the box. Once I really looked at my situation and started to see it from a completely different perspective the answers started to unfold. After making a few phone calls, one being the Chamber of Commerce, I found that though in the past the city or town frowned on artists opening up their studios to the public they now realize the great benefit to the community, to tourism and to the region of wine growers. Lets face it if you see 2-3 people a week you are not making any negative impact at all to your neighborhood. Think of a house with teens and there are people always going in and out. Plus the clientele artists attract usually are nice upstanding people. I also made the point that I am building a business and would like to expand eventually to the town center and open an upscale gift gallery of hand painted found items. Right before the economy went plummeting downward the town had wonderful expansion plans but have since been put on hold.
This is the area I am converting to the shop and studio. The back for painting and the front area plus access to my entry hall and side screened porch while the rest of the house is easily shut off to any customers.
My point is to look at your situation and maybe you have the space or layout in your home to set up your studio shop. You can still offer all the things you would online. If you were placing them in shops and galleries you would be paying the commission fees. No one has more at stake than the artist at making a sale and customers love to buy things from the person who actually did the creating. If you are a working artist and already working out of your home than maybe you would be happy doing what I am starting in my little cottage in Elkin, NC. What is the worst thing that could happen you fail? You will anyway if you don’t start approaching your business from all angles.

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