Some History and Facts About Cottage Chic.

Some information about Cottage Chic and Painted Cottage Furniture its uses and history. Here in the US there is a belief Shabby Chic was all started by two women in California but actually the idea came from across the pond decades earlier. It is a style that has been around for centuries and in my opinion timeless.

Shabby chic painted furniture is a great way to add an accent to a special room of your house. Read on to know more about shabby chic painted furniture.

shabby chic decorating

Started in Britain was shabby chic painted style furniture. This style was all about decorating the huge country houses with faded and worn out chintz sofas, curtains and other furniture items which were beautifully preserved. The final result of the painted shabby chic furniture is to get a uniform look for the house and keep the old home furniture. These heavily painted shabby chic furniture items look fantastic if the house is a bit old and especially in Victorian style houses.

shabby chic decorating

You can use the shabby chic painted furniture in any room of the house like the nursery, living room and the guest room as well. You can also try to rearrange the furniture articles that are not much similar and give them one uniformly painted shabby chic look.

Shabby Chic Painted Furniture
Shabby chic painting is a type of interior designing, where the furniture articles are given the desired look according to the user’s taste. Shabby chic painted furniture gives a cozy, elegant and at the same time comfortable look to the interior decor and also keep the vintage articles. What if a person doesn’t have any old or antique furniture article at home and still he wants to use shabby chic painted furniture? It is very simple and possible. Providing the home with the shabby chic painted furniture is a great thing that one can try with any type of house. It is a great home decorating idea that you can try. You can create elegant bedroom or nursery to keep vintage items, family treasures and many more by giving them look of the shabby chic painted furniture.

shabby chic decorating

All you have to do is to bring home some pieces of furniture that have some antique lines on it. Select furniture that has a lot of curves on it. One can find such furniture items at an easy bargain in some thrift shops and at garage sales as well. It is not necessary to have huge sofa sets, beds and large closets that can cost. You can use your own creativity and make beautiful shabby chic painted furniture. Some people use old suitcases, stools, pieces of broken glasses, broken vases and lamps for painting the shabby chic furniture.

I would love to give credit for this information but there is no reference to its source.


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