Taking time leads to understanding.

Elkin, NC
Outside my porch this blooms every year.

I took some time off this past weekend to simply wander around North Carolina. I have been so focused on making The Painted Cottage Home a reality I lost sight of what might be going on around me. It was time to breathe and see.

I have considered changing some of my designs and sometimes you need to back up and see the entire picture. I think of my life as a canvas and as any artist knows if you zone into one small area to create the painting is hindered. I think many of us have a tendency to zone into that one area of our lives that is conflicting or consuming to much of your energy. We all need to step back and look at the whole painting (life) to see what or where we may have gone slightly askew. Make the necessary corrections or alterations in order to progress forward otherwise we get stuck. There is nothing worst, stuck. I find here is fear anxiety depression despair and loss. All those feelings that stop you from viewing the bigger masterpiece, your life. This is also where ego lives and not spirit but that is something else all together.

So I said enough and packed up some things and off I went with Tucker on the back seat merrily on to un-stuck myself. This is what I discovered. I think it is time to give my things a facelift. So I have worked on some new designs called Wallpaper Effects for now. I have started work on mixing large patterned bright wallpaper designs with traditional line work and faux finishes. I am using vintage and handmade pieces some for pick up here at The Painted Cottage Home and some for shipping. I love the new direction and think you will too.

Stay tuned in there is more to come…


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