A New Look for Painted Cottage Site.



If you have been here before you may notice I have changed the look of my site. I made these changes because I like the size of this template better. It is fun and I like the colors.

A big change has happened here at the studio is the closing of my studio shop because of insurance reasons. My agent told me my company would not cover me if I am open to the public. I take it as the Uni-verse telling me it was too much so I happily obliged my agent. So if you were thinking of doing the same check with your insurance company. I had checked with everyone else and never thought this would ever be an issue.


2 thoughts on “A New Look for Painted Cottage Site.

  1. My husband and I have a home and apple orchard. We have a lovely large barn that we restored where we keep our tractor, etc. The insurance company that insures our home said that they could not cover the barn because we sell our apples…the barn was considered commercial use. The rules that some companies have I’ll never understand. Your work is lovely and I hope you are successful.

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