I dare you, succeed.

Collection of Marteting books
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I have been very involved with marketing the past several months or so and have discovered there is no set way to get your work noticed. There is no magic book you can read or course you can take believe me I have looked. I am an artist or as I like to refer to myself, a creative entrepreneur. Why? I am in charge of everything I do and like it or not if I fail it is on me but when I succeed it is still on me. Simple fact you have to do the work and promote yourself. You go shopping hand out your card, people love speaking with artists. I even hand them out on my walks with Tuck. I am always working marketing discovering creating and probably will keep on till the day I stop creating and discovering. I even go as far as promoting other creative people I stumble upon and promote their work also.

Lately I see the news exploiting the Crisis of the World Economy and what I see are egos running a muck. I can guarantee it is either worse than what they say or better. I know if we help each other, promote each other with no expectations, the people of this beautiful universe will be absolutely fine. It is why I enjoy the Etsy community started because a furniture maker saw a need for creative artist to sell their work. Simple. A wonderful thought and the universe responded with a huge Yes.

But as I stated in the beginning it takes work and lots of it. It takes an unquenchable desire to succeed and to keep moving forward because you must or you will wither up and disappear. Do not throw your money away on simple solutions not when you have information everywhere around you for free. Keep reading working and telling everyone you meet how special you are because you are that special. The universe thought so when it created you so how can you doubt it.Be smart and listen to the true you inside and keep going forward – I dare you.

Remember most people give up just before they succeed.


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