Order a custom made hand painted wood tray today.

Why not have a beautiful painted functional work of art custom-made for you today? Maybe there is a wedding in the future and you want something that commemorates the day. Why not have a tray painted with the brides flowers strewn across the surface. These trays are sturdy and durable. Whether you buy a tray already available in the shop or custom design your own the cost is the same. These trays are unique one of a kind custom-built exclusively for you in mind. If you like bees and flowers I am offering a slightly different version of these wooden painted trays in my Etsy Shop Between The Weeds

Custom and hand painted
Painted Wood Trays custom and hand painted.


Above are garden flowers and wildflowers with bees buzzing about. You can tie a bouquet up with a cord or an elegant bow as seen below.

white with wildflowers
Custom painted wood tray white with wildflowers

Each wood tray is painted with different flowers and are slightly different in sizes lending them to have a hand crafted one of a kind uniqueness which is what Between The Weeds is all about. If you would like a tray with a design you see below or certain flowers I can custom build your own tray or maybe you would like a nicely sized Keepsake Box instead. I can even paint something of yours just ship it to me and I will ship it back painted with your own pretty design.


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