Easter craft idea.

DIY Bucket Project

This is a simple to create. I found this paint bucket over at a big box home center. I use these all the time for actually holding paint. I had a bucket hanging on the door handle and thought why not? If you notice the back is a little flat so if you hang it the bucket will stay put. To do this take a block of wood and tap the back flat. I used a rubber mallet but we don’t all have rubber mallets.

Flattened back on DIY Bucket

Make sure you flatten the area in the center of the handle. Then buy some blackboard spray paint, again at the home center. Spray the bucket inside and out with several light coats until you have covered the areas. Leave the bucket overnight or 24hrs. to set and dry. Then take a chalk and lightly rub the surface. Clean the surface off and you are ready to write your message or label it.

I think for Easter fabulous and afterwards fill them with big chalk for drawing outside. Visiting someone why not bring a bucket with goodies or a plant this Mother’s Day.

Hanging on a fence picket.

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