Chasing the cloud and finding your way.

Cottage decor has been around for quite a while under different names but still here. Sometimes just trying to stay on top of what the trending searches are can be daunting and confusing ending in spent useless mind numbing time in the vastness of the ‘cloud’. For a two months I have chased this cloud and just when you are in reach of understanding why you are even chasing this cloud it vanishes only to reappear as something new with new rules and the chase begins again. Well yesterday I stopped chasing. Living life is more important than chasing around something that never can be achieved because there is always going to be something bigger or better. Instead I discovered it is the work creating my painted boxes, a trunk, a chair, a cabinet found in the attic or sitting in front of a canvas and letting my imagination lead me down the path of inspiration, these are all worthy of my attention and the chase.

Maybe you like painted cottage decor or maybe you don’t but what matters is I do. I come alive painting my designs and when I sell one of the pieces it is thrilling because someone else said yes to my work. Everyone knows the question if you never had to worry about money what would you do? I was never sure. I did know it would entail creating something. Yet last night I asked myself that question again and from deep down came not a whisper or a feeling but a big yes I know what I would do. Exactly what I am doing right now. Hopefully I will find enough people along the way who see my work and like it enough to buy so I can keep painting and creating. It may be small but I like to think it is how I give to the world.

This box is a recent addition to the shop and please if you have the time take a look. The cottage boxes I make are sturdy very well made from wood in the USA and Canada. Some of the boxes are hinged and others are lift off lids. I use Benjamin Moore flat paint as the base paint and acrylic artist paints for the decorative painting. There is an inked line added to the decorative work which is my signature style. I have honed for 25 years the process of painting decorative furniture.

Please stop by BetweenTheWeeds at Etsy for more.

Painted Cottage Furniture Box Woodland Flowers

Painted Cottage Furniture Box Woodland Flowers
Painted Cottage Furniture Box Woodland Flowers Painted Cottage Furniture Box Woodland Flowers Painted Cottage Furniture Box Woodland Flowers Painted Cottage Furniture Box Woodland Flowers Painted Cottage Furniture Box Woodland Flowers

Cottage Decor with woodland themed beautifully painted detailed illustration of woodland garden flowers.This hand painted cottage keepsake box is handcrafted. The sides are plain and the back has a single Raspberry pink cone flower. Part of my Cottage Farmhouse Painted Furniture Collection A functional piece of art can easily fit any contemporary decor. The woodland wild flowers are fresh and bright on a soft creamy white background, a collection of garden and wild flowers with a few blades of grass and added a few bees buzzing about.

Palette: Clear sky blue, raspberry pink, leaf green, deep blue, lavender, dark green, golden orange, pink, white, cream, yellow.

The design sketched on by my own hand onto my original crafted wood keepsake box. I hand paint and add my signature line work. Each box is a one of a kind work. I do not use stencils transfers or prints and they are always my original work.
Every piece is signed and dated.
Ready to ship.

Box measures: 12″ x 9.25″ x 7.33″
Box is hinged.
Box is sealed with lacquer and waxed.

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.
The copyright is for photographing and does not appear on the original.

I ship internationally. The amount below is an estimate. Please contact me for actual charges outside the USA. Canadian shipments are a minimal charge if any.

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