My life purpose is painting furniture, what is yours?

A table get a new life. In the middle of finishing.

Many years ago in a land called New Jersey there was a woman who discovered a passion for painting old furniture. Her name was Laurie. While experiencing a tumultuous time in life she found a new beautiful passion for reinventing old cast away furniture. As in all difficult times if we look hard enough there is always a reason, a lesson learned. I know cliché but still true. Though her life radically changed due to outside circumstances, bringing a rebirth of purpose to furniture seemed to help Laurie muddle through the dark days. Thus a purpose flourished and a business gave birth creating Laurie Rohner Studio, now LRStudio. Yes this woman is me.

LRStudio is a business created from a caterpillar to a cocoon to emerging again as a butterfly. It is how a like to view my studio emerging. Now it is made up of three divisions, first LRStudio, the second Between The Weeds and the third The Painted Cottage Home. The Painted Cottage Home is my studio shop name here in North Carolina. Between The Weeds is my online shop name where you can find just about anything woodland and painted, even custom fairy houses. Laurie Rohner Studio or LRStudio is the umbrella that keeps everything humming along and my fine art is under this canopy.

There is much this woman from New Jersey experienced over the next years but one thing stood out beyond the rest. What is put before you, know, it is there for you to be better and bigger than you were just a moment ago. I have failed terribly so many times but I know I have to keep going towards what it is I want. Honestly I like the work I do because it is different and unique in how I see the world. I see the world looking through the garden on my belly and discovering a different reality than the one viewed from above. I see wood carved and shaped into functional useful decor painted with the wonders I see in nature. On walks with my dear companion I find twiggy branches and fallen lichen and moss to pick up to use as inspiration for drawings and fairy houses. But the best thing I discovered is knowing I have a purpose and my purpose is to paint and create and to be blissfully content living my life the way I know I should be living it. I am not interested in the hottest look on the run ways or the in thing the must have that no one really wants. I am interested in creating beautiful painted work on furniture and decor. I want my furniture to say ahhh when you walk through the door. When you give one of my pieces as a gift I want you to hear squeals of joy and wonder. My painted work is timeless and high quality. I use traditional finishing methods and painting styles to last for generations as I know my designs will also. Painted furniture and decor has been here for centuries and will be here for many more centuries.

So now you see what it is that gets me up in the morning and why I know this is what I want to do. I think it is through the difficult times we see the light so much clearer. I also believe we are capable of achieving so much more than what we think dream or believe. I think when you say I know this is IT everything in life starts to flow towards what it is you know absolutely about yourself. Discovering is only part of the solution. It is knowing how to carry out what you discover with absolute clarity and focus that difference is made.


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