Love Etsy?

Great article about a very hot topic for shops at Etsy. Maybe etsy will now listen.

Buttons&Yarn OH My

Some of you out there in craft land may have heard about the newest Etsy kerfuffle. If you haven’t and you are a buyer/seller on Etsy it may be something you want to look into. Long story short Etsy everyday has this amazing coveted Featured Seller spot on their front page it is supposed to represent the best of Etsy and what Etsy stands for. Well a few days ago the Featured Seller on Etsy was found out to be a Re-Seller, she in fact did not make any of the products she was selling but imported already made items from Bali and sold them as handmade. Another big problem I had was her “Feedback Left for Others” most of it, pages of it is all negative with no explanation as to why. Now this is supposed to be the best of etsy? A seller who leaves pages upon pages of negative…

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