Etsy versus Lilyshop both for handmade artists.

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I have worked on my shop Laurie Rohner Studio at and noticed my views for my boxes are higher than the views for boxes in my Between The Weeds Etsy shop. They are the same handmade by Laurie Rohner items in both shops. So I am wondering, if I am doing the same for both shops than maybe the info shop owners are receiving from Etsy or Lilyshop is false? Or maybe Etsy has a new kid on the block. I think Etsy is a nice place to sell but it is not a place for artist entrepreneurs to be seen or found. In fact I am finding the same tired shops being talked about and they are being described as fresh finds of inventive handmade work. Sorry shop owners if you are one of those shops being shown on etsy front page but here in the real world you have nothing I want. Not all but most have become small assembly line production work.  Then there is the artsy out of this world shops anyone over the age of 25 would not think hot or a find. I read more artists such as myself becoming dissatisfied with the way Etsy is handling the way they do business with their shop owners. Etsy please remember without us there is no front page or Etsy.

Now enter Lilyshop, with artist yes real artists not very big but growing. Tweet your listings and someone from Lilyshop inevitably will tweet it to others. Hum never seen that on Etsy. No charge for listing and they take less when the item sells. Has anyone looked at how much comes off the top when you sell online? A few cents here and a few bucks there tends to add up, right. The draw back is the site is going through some newbie issues but these are minor. I am not sure how they rank and your items in SEO or Google Search yet. Just thought I could share with others some thoughts about another nice place to showcase and setup a nice shop.

Buy at Between The Weeds shop.

2 thoughts on “Etsy versus Lilyshop both for handmade artists.


    Hi, I opened up my Lilyshop September of last year. But I just started posting products within the last three month.

    I presently have 51 items listed in my shop with a total of 1798 views at present.

    I’ve been on Etsy longer and have hardly get 12 views per day!

    My products are posted on the front page of Lilyshop often.

    Lilyshop is new. There are presently an abundance of stores loaded with products but no sales.

    Within the last month I have seen some stores on Lilyshop getting a few sales. So, I keep loading my store with products. I personally believe that Lilyshop will do extremely well, once that everyone discovers it.

    I like Lilyshop. The fees are reasonable. Love the recipes. You are able to blog right from your shop.

    I believe that anyone who invest the time will have a good future of selling on Lilyshop.

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