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A fabulous day. Thank you Spirit.



First it was my birthday and I had a fabulous day. I spent the day with a dear friend. I could not have been more content and at peace especially since I turned 55 years of wisdom. I decided to venture down the road of releasing things attitudes people and patterns that no longer support love and respect this awesome spirit. To do this I started the day going on a mini vision quest. Meditating and centering my higher self with the wisdom and loving soul inside this body (a body I have beaten up, treated miserably at times, over worked, and mostly had allowed an ego to rule) has been a work in progress. Any work in progress eventually starts to show its shape and form as if giving birth to the energy of the creation. Well it may have taken me 55 tumultuous ever-expanding and growing years months and days but somehow I got here. And here is exactly where I needed to be, this moment, this time, this place, and if you add them all together they have been necessary for me to realize it is this moment, time and place I needed to learn grow and expand. How fabulous is that, really think about. I have giggled since Tuesday.

I was given three gifts and after the mini vision quest I opened the first amazing gift. My very own deck of Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue. I have used Tarot for years but I have never been comfortable with the negative doom and gloom side of some of the cards. These cards are supportive truthful and uplifting. The art on the cards are beautifully rendered works of Steve A. Roberts. I of course prepared my set of cards immediately and from the first reading they are spot on.

The second gift was a book titled Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World by Christine Mason Miller. Inspiration simply oozes out of the pages and the words uplifting and yes trans formative.  Words kept touching my soul and my skin tingled with positive energies. She gives exercises and insights from other creative women you have to read the book to understand.  This is a book for all who like to create. Not just artist or creative people but bankers, mothers, nurses, sales people and people just trying to figure things out, like me.

I am back with a new vision. I am forging ahead with my dreams and desires. I am allowing the universe and Spirit to work and I am making choices based on the intuitive self, my true soul self. I hold my beliefs and my experiences as precious gifts and beautiful lessons for they have made me a caring compassionate sensitive intuitive adventurous  intelligent creative imaginative can not wait to see what happens next kind of gal. I am ageless whole and the only living being like me on this planet. A complete awesome original piece of art. Me. Guess what you are too. Pretty fantastic.

So give yourself and the person next to you a break. Let us stop beating ourselves up and have ourselves a one of those sumptuous cup cakes celebrating the magnificent original work we all are. Thank you Spirit that is the best gift anyone or any energy could have given me. Gratitude.


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