Custom Painted Furniture made to fit your needs.

Painted Furniture
Cedar Trunk Custom Made and Painted for Client

One of my clients wanted to give her daughter’s room a fresh look with custom painted furniture. She had oodles of clothes and sweaters and very little storage. Her daughter loved lilacs and purples and finding a piece of furniture meeting her specific requirements was difficult. So she called me. I took a quick trip over to her home and checked out the newly painted room and took in the feel of the room generally. I borrowed a pillow sham for color matching and the paint chip for the wall color. I made a few measurements sketched some ideas down and trotted back down the stairs to discuss my ideas with my client. We firmed up the concept and I gave her a rough idea how much time and the cost of the project.

A few weeks later I was back with my over sized cedar trunk finished and ready for her daughter’s room. I am always a nervous wreck delivery day because I want my clients happy. She was elated and for myself I could breathe again.

The trunk is made from poplar and the floor of the trunk is cedar 3/4″ boards. I used oil paints for the base coats and accent painting was done with artist oil paints and ink. Except for the inside cedar floor every surface received 5 coats of clear varnish, hand rubbed between each coat and after the final finishing coat the surface is rubbed with rotten stone. This gives the finishing top coat a beautiful luster smooth and silky to the touch. To protect all the hard work a coat of bees wax is applied.

I feel when purchasing my custom painted furniture you are receiving exceptional craftsmanship. I use methods taught to me by master craftsman and I do all the work myself. Maybe you know of someone who is quietly creating benches and trunks or boxes not realizing the hours and skill it takes creating their work. You head off to a big box store and buy a cheap table, hey it looks nice. Two years later it is in the basement chipped or broken. Now think some where there is an artist creating a fabulous table. I like to think that when this girl is grown and has grandchildren, they will some day hear the story of how it was made for her when she was their age. I like that thought better, don’t you?


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