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I am most frustrated when I’m overwhelmed. I doubt anyone enjoys that feeling. It’s probably not what The Black Eyed peas were referring to with their hit “I’ve Got a Feelin’…” (That’s my guess, anyway.)

So how should you handle it? Throw shyte? Yell at your spouse? Emmit every curse word imaginable when that case of beads pours all over the goddamnmothereffingshytesucking floor?

Okay, so those are probably just a few of the things I you SHOULDN’T do. Something else you should avoid is giving up altogether. It’s the procrastinator’s crutch: there’s too much to do, so why do any of it? As tempting as this can be sometimes: don’t fall into this trap.

Instead, identify exactly WHY you are feeling overwhelmed, and consider what on your “to do list” actually lines up with your priorities. In other words, figure out what you really NEED to do, what you WANT…

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