Think about pricing your work well here is a formula that might help.

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If you know anyone who makes beadwoven creations, or have tried it yourself, you know that it takes FOREVER. Even after years and years of practice and the development of some seriously mad beading skills, most of my pieces still take me several hours from start to finish. Even the simpler pieces take me at least 1 to 2 hours each.

Other time consuming crafters (this post isn’t exclusively for beadweavers) can also relate. When it takes multiple hours to finish a project, following most handmade pricing formulas is daunting. Take this very simple, and often used handmade pricing formula:

(time x $per hour) + 2(cost of materials) = wholesale price

wholesale price x 2 = retail price

The retail price is what you charge in your online shop, at craft fairs, etc. The wholesale price is what you offer boutiques and shops so that they can re-sell your items…

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