I just found out from a wonderful client her beautiful trunk arrived damaged. My first thought is how can I help make her happy and what can I do to fix it. As I pondered what had happened I realized it was not my error and not my fault that a shipper was so reckless. I packed the trunk carefully and when the driver picked it up asked if he thought it was wrapped correctly, he agreed and off the trunk went. My only concern at that time was my client would like it. I never thought I would hear about damage. I have researched and discovered a wonderful decorative artist that might be able to help and repair the chest.

the other corner
One corner
chunks out of leg
and another leg












Though I found this a gut wrenching experience, as any artist who has sent their work, their babies, out to a new home can contest, I also know there is a valuable lesson to see. First make sure you always insure your work, I did. Secondly, the shippers is the one at fault not you, so stand up for yourself and your work and fight for what is owed to you.  I saw myself the damage trunk as my self  reflecting faulty work I created. Yet I knew I took great care in wrapping the trunk. I did not want to shake anyone up or call them out for blatant carelessness. I saw how this experience showed me how I viewed myself as someone not worthy of being treated with respect and protecting my gorgeous work. How many situations whether in business or personal life do you shrink back and feel your gut being twisted up in a ball? Why? Let me say this much it is not the situation but the feeling you need to see.

In times where every penny counts I sold something I cherished because I thought maybe I was being materialistic in holding on to the trunk. It was made to be sold and I think it was time for the trunk to go but also time for me to see the value in my own self. Through experiences we grow. It was not materialism that was the cause it was how I valued myself. Discovering the truth I held a higher love for my work than my own true self released me from the guilt of thinking I was the cause of the damaged trunk. Why do we love and cherish things over our true selves is bewildering and when you discover it inside you? Awakened  enlightenment. The big breath of knowing you got it. Lesson now learned and the light fills the spaces around you. I still have to battle and defend my work and recover what is due me but now I can stand loving respecting the deserving me.

Before it all happened.



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