DIY for old house shutters.

A few years ago I came across a house that was being renovated and at the curb was a pile of shutters. I thought who could be so stupid as to throw away these gems. So I found the contractor and asked if I could take the shutters. He really thought I was out of my mind and maybe then I was but I saw wonderful life in these old gems. Most of the shutters found homes in different ways from doors on cabinets to room screens painted with landscapes (a fellow artists bought them). This is the last shutter and I kept it to remind me treasures can be found anywhere.

Old shutter painted with blackboard paint.
Old shutter painted with blackboard paint.

I also love blackboard paint and paint walls and cabinets with it. One day inspiration hit for the old shabby shutter and with that fabulous cutout of a moon I saw blackboard paint. On the back attach a wire or in this case there was a lip around the frame so I could hang it up on two nails up on the wall. I love to write inspiring words and phrases to keep me focused on my journey. But think about hanging it up in the kitchen for family notes and friendly reminders or in your child’s room and write love notes showing them they are loved and fabulous kids. Mount them on doors or simply prop them against the wall.

Don’t have an old shutter use a new one. Take a louvered and cut out the louvers. Replace the open areas with plywood prime and paint with blackboard paint. You can cut out your own crescent moon too.



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