Keeping up with shipping costs for my etsy shop.

Today after much research into the recent increase in shipping costs by the US Postal Service I have readjusted my shipping charges in my Etsy Shop Between The Weeds. International charges went up the most at USPS but I think they are within reason though people who have shipped small things may feel a bit of a pinch. What I liked was I could drop it off at the USPS office as a shipping options for larger items or items over 12 inches, for international packages sending packages out regular post gave you a discount on the pricing. If you want to do the research and not just take an easy approach you can offer a fair price to ship out your packages to your customers still.
Etsy has a wonderful way of breaking down your shipping profiles to match your needs. For myself I ship a wide variety of items from art to furniture and just about anything in between. I have weight and size to consider when figuring out my prices for shipping. A blanket charge usually will not work and I deplore seeing them when I shop online. I use many different profiles and I have devised new shipping charges. An example is for my art I use envelopes and flat boxes but the weight is under 1lb. so I established the pricing for non bendable flat boxes leaving the weight under 1lb. giving me a realistic price. I could now send out my small art at an affordable low cost worldwide too. Next I established a weight and size of box for painted farmhouse items. Large items will still ship carrier of best option for the locality. The pricing is accurate and as usual if I overcharge my clients by 3 or more dollars I issue a refund immediately. I have also added a shipping charge for Canadian clients which is separate from the famous everywhere else option. My everywhere else option is based on shipping to the UK which works the best for me.
I ship everything wrapped up in brown paper and add a card to the twine which is tied into a bow. I tuck another card inside with a thank you and can easily add a gift card too.My goal is to give you a one of a kind shopping experience without leaving where you are at the present moment in time. Today you can order something in my shop and be sitting on a beach enjoying a tropical drink and I will busily wrap it up and send it to whom ever you need to send it to. Talk about a personal shopper.
Let me end with being a creative business entrepreneur running an online shop and keeping everything cohesive and up to date is not easy but I would not have it any other way. If you have not made it over to or to my shop at Between The Weeds you are missing out on a gorgeous one of a kind shopping experience. I have not met one etsy shop owner who is not willing to do anything to help their customer find what they need. I personally have pointed people in another direction because I could not help. Great product from very good people. Try it today.



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