Cottage painted vintage home decor with blackboard paint.

Updated with a new look this vintage wood bucket or canister with a wood lid is made for the farmhouse cottage kitchen with a classic backboard paint banner around the middle.

Painted cottage farmhouse chic canister with lid
Vintage Cottage Painted Canister with Lid Storage Organizer Farmhouse Chic

Painted cottage farmhouse chic canister with lid for storage or to organize your kitchen. A vintage ice bucket re-purposed for kids treats, tea bags, or dog biscuits is very Farmhouse Cottage chic. Painted black with a faux slate finish on the lid and center, black and white checks and a sky blue band. The band is painted with blackboard paint so you can label the canister with whatever is inside.

Measures: 7.5 h x 8 dia.inch
Inside measures: 5.5 h x 5.25 dia. inch

My functional art pieces are sanded and prepped, first primed then painted or stained readying the surface for decorative painting. I typically lay out the design in pencil; set up a color palette, finishing the design with an ink pen in a linear fashion. All pieces receive several coats of varnish; in between each layer I hand rub the surface creating a soft buffed finish. Every piece is finished with a bee’s wax to make sure protection.

Hand painted vintage cottage decor.
Back of the vintage cottage painted functional art.

Today’s inspiration:

Our homes are a reflection of who we are – the place where  our story begins and our heart lives.  *Unknown.


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