Artist History

Custom Table for Designer
Custom Table for Designer

I’m Laurie Rohner, the artist behind LRStudio.

BetweenTheWeeds is a name that first came about while living in Vermont. I always thought I looked at life between the weeds, viewing the world with an observer’s eye. Secretly I would have loved to have been an Archeologist sketching out my findings.

Painted furniture stems from my flower shop days which I ran and owned for 10 years. Painted Cottage Home is where I create my bigger custom work on larger pieces of furniture. These works are refurbished or refurnished furniture and a bit of vintage mixed in. Most of the work in Painted Cottage is for local pick up but will ship if you have a shipper. I enjoy seeing where a piece will take me as it transforms into something very different. Sometimes patched and updated but always it becomes a unique treasure.

The smell of pine cedar poplar getting cut into bits and pieces for a design is an inspiring way to start the day. My Painted Keepsake Boxes are part of the functional art collection. Custom unique one of a kind and handmade down to the last nail and glue glob a reflection of the flowers and fauna of the woodlands.
I have been painting, drawing, designing in some manner or fashion since I can remember. I received my BA in Studio Arts, where I studied the fine art of printmaking painting and interior design. My very first love was and still is watercolor paintings. Andrew Wyeth’s watercolors and Redoute’s illustrations inspire my work.

My fairy houses are creations from the woodlands with moss twigs lichen bark and branches glued and nailed in place. Fairies form our natural world and I am infatuated with this side of life.

My paintings are based in traditional detailed realism of landscapes and floral imagery. At the moment I am inspired by woodland illustration renderings inspired by anything and everything that I am infatuated with for the moment.

My current obsessions include: natural history, anatomy, garden maps, archeology, botany, fairies, avian anatomy, bird nest study, wallpaper, calligraphy and patterns.

I hope you enjoy my collection of work. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you!

I have a vintage Etsy Shop at
It is all about vintage and refinished refurbished furniture and furnishings.




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