Special Offers

The Painted Cottage Home from the Studio of Laurie Rohner.

Free Bunny cards. Get a pack of Bunny Cougar Fox or Seal Cards Free with your first order with Laurie Rohner Studio at Between The Weeds Etsy Shop. Pick the animal.

Laurie Rohner Studio
Subscribe to Laurie Rohner Studio. Free Bunny Cougar, Fox, or Seal Card Pack with First Order
Laurie Rohner Studio
383 Hawthorne Road
Elkin, North Carolina 28621
Email: paintedcottage@live.com



4 thoughts on “Special Offers

  1. Hello Laurie- I greatly admire your artwork. As an aspiring artist, I particularly like the watercolor flower closeups. Questions: Do you conduct any workshops? Do you provide any private instructions?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Doug,

      Thank you for your compliment but sadly I do not offer any workshops or instructions at the moment. What I can tell you is that my watercolor technique is known as glazing which I know is mainly used by oilist. I have taken that principle and I layer my pigments on top of each other allowing each step to thoroughly dry before the next application of pigment. It is time intensive but I love the look I get. If you dont mind I will add you to my contact list and if I ever get the time to do a workshop I can let you know. Best of luck on your creative journey it is a fabulous path to follow.

      My Best,

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