Paintings Available

About my paintings.

Oil and watercolor paintings original artwork for sale of woodland scenic Vermont landscapes and botanical garden flowers on canvas and fine watercolor paper by Laurie Rohner. My paintings are based in a traditional style of detailed realism, and I love to paint landscapes and floral gardens.

My oil paintings on canvas

Road to Underhill Vermont, 40 x 30 SOLD


My oil paintings are mainly woodland forests filled with enchanted images of greens and browns with a hint of the sky coming through. These oil paintings on canvas are serene enchanted forests, woodland Vermont dirt roads and inspiring botanical garden flowers. Many of my woodland forests are paintings that show you where the veil between fairies and this world is the thinnest. I always imagine a few fairies playing in the landscape.

My oil paintings for sale are original canvas paintings of my connection with the natural world.  Each canvas painting is ready to hang and the sides of the canvas are finished. Recently I have started working on a Clouds Series and am hopeful to have this series added shortly. Please check back if you are interested in seeing my new series.

My watercolor paintings on paper.

My watercolors are created with a style of painting called glazing. It is layering pigment down on top of each other building the image with color. A painting has up to 10 layers. I love the opaqueness and luminosity, it is not the usual style of watercolor painting and best appreciated in person.

Pink Lady 30 x 22 watercolor on paper SOLD

My paintings are original watercolors. Each one is unique and one of a kind. They are painted on both hot and cold pressed watercolor paper. Hot pressed paper has a smooth finish, while cold pressed paper has a textured finish. I use two different paper weights, 140lb. and 300lb. My watercolor paintings on 300lb paper are sturdy and do not flex and is the weight I prefer to paint on though costly. The original watercolor illustration renderings painted on 140lb. paper can be slightly cockle, a common characteristic of the medium, this is from wetting the paper with paint and water. In most cases the paintings dry flat. All of my paintings are titled, signed and dated in pencil on verso and initialed on the front.

I am infatuated for the moment, by woodland illustration renderings, but that can change since inspiration can be anything and everything.

Testimonies from clients.

*Lovely, lovely watercolor. I am so pleased I bought it. It IS much nicer in person! I immediately hung it on my bedroom wall to dream about my mountain woodland home. Well done! Fast and careful shipping. Many thanks.
*thank you! beautiful artwork and wonderful wrapping. this pansy painting made a great trident bid day gift!
*So beautiful and professional!
*A fine small oil painting, a touch of Summer all year long. Thanks Laurie!
*Thank you! You are a wonderful artist and I shall enjoy this for years and years!!!! Excellent seller!!!!!


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