Woodland Garden Fairy Houses

Custom Woodland Fairy Houses for the Inside Your Home and Outside in Your Garden.

One of a kind custom sculpted woodland fairy houses covered with moss and furnished with fairy furniture are custom handmade one of a kind fairy sculptures from things I find in nature and enchanted woodland forests, moss, twigs, lichen, bark and and cones. I nail adhere or glue by hand in place.

You can buy these one of a kind fairy houses here along with my fairy furniture.Picture 

Words from other fairy house owners:
*Beautiful fairy house! The packaging was lovely, thanks a lot!
*Absolutely divine! My mother says this is the best gift she ever received! Thank you so much for making such glorious treasures!
*Very pretty and just the right size for my fairy bug!
*Dear Laurie our Fairyhouse arrived today and it is simply marvelous. Your handwritten note makes it all the more special. I can’t wait to give it to my daughter-in-law for her birthday , she will just be tickled pink. Thank you so much for creating it and sending it so quickly.

These are my original designs and I hand craft each piece for my woodland fairy houses and fairy furniture.

All rights are not transferable with the purchase of this painting and remain with the artist.

Buy custom woodland fairy houses filled with whimsy and magic,today. Ready to ship.

About my fairy houses:


About my fairy houses:
All my houses are unique and custom crafted for the fairy living in the house. Woodland in nature is handmade from building the base to decorating the interiors. Nature inspired woodland sculpted art can be used outside or in. If placed outside expect only 1 maybe 2 years before the environment plays its part. Will last longer in and mist the houses, this keeps them from drying out. Keep out of direct sunlight.These are my original designs and I hand craft each piece for my woodland fairy houses. I wrap each house carefully with tissue on the inside of the houses and then the entire house is wrapped in brown paper. But be careful unwrapping these beautiful sculpted work of art. Take care in unwrapping.

I have come to realize there is much we do not see. I think there was a time very long ago when magic and fairies and unseen friends were a part of our world or more to the point we were a part of their world.  As our egos grew the veil between our worlds fell back down, darkening the light, and now only a few see, feel and understand what is Between the Weeds. I decided to shine a light and catch a glimpse of these wonderful beings. They care for the natural world and ask for little in return and without their help it would be a very different place, much worse I suspect. I open myself to the energies that surround me everyday and live in harmony with this realm we have long forgotten. I give aid where I can with my loving energy in creating fairy houses. The true law between all realms is do no harm. Do no harm, what a concept, it refers to all in the natural world, from rocks and trees to plants and animals(us too) and all things unseen who live within no exceptions. Yes I do believe in fairies.

Visit my Etsy Shop at Between The Weeds.



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